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Innovation Consulting

Finding Market Opportunities – through Innovation and Creativity Processes

Adventus Research + Consulting Inc. specialises in understanding best practices in the innovation and creativity space, balanced with sensitivity to the practical limitations and resources of smaller firms. With principals Gary Svoboda and Michael Van Belle having a collective 35+ years of experience in innovation, creativity and new product assessment, Adventus knows how to help clients unlock the creative process within their organization, with services including:

  • New Products and Markets Brainstorming Sessions – We can help you to uncover and systematically evaluate new market and product opportunities for your firm through our proprietary Adventus innovation brainstorming process.
  • Creativity and Innovation Workshops – Get the highest return from your sales, marketing and product development staff through increasing their IQ (Innovation Quotient). Our workshops are designed to be modular, flexible and adaptive to your industry and corporate needs.
  • Change Management – We can show you the latest tools and techniques to help your firm adapt in these changing times. Let us help you define your change management strategy, prepare your change management team, develop your plans and assist in their execution. We will also show you how to collect and analyse feedback, diagnose gaps and manage resistance.

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Adventus Research + Consulting Inc. is a full-service market research/strategy and management consulting firm, insight-driven to get the authentic voice of your industry or marketplace. We employ a variety of techniques to uncover key insights and industry-specific knowledge to develop go-to-market strategies that will help your business grow and prosper. We leverage market knowledge, insights and processes to enable our clients to make optimal strategic decisions.