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Market Research

Developing Deeper Market and Customer Understanding

Adventus has an expert team that specializes in developing deep insight for our clients – many of whom are developing and launching new products, or identifying new markets for existing products and services. The market understanding and insight that we develop and deliver enables our clients to make the right business decisions, as early as possible, with a minimum of committed resources.

Adventus also conducts Market Assessment Studies for academic institutions in support of the NSERC Idea to Innovation Grants ProgramLearn More

Depending on your business situation, we can utilize the following tools and methodologies:

Qualitative Research – Getting to “why”

  • In-Depth Interviews – in person or by telephone, using a prepared and client-approved interview guide, single market stakeholders are individually interviewed with a series of specific questions of interest to the client. Several interviews are conducted, and consensus, divergence and variety of response is analysed.  Interview groups can often include current or potential customers, channel players, and industry observers.
  • Thought Leader Interviews – one on one sessions with prominent (and usually very hard-to-reach) industry leaders in the client’s business space, free-ranging in nature and designed to identify market and technology trends and potential emerging markets for our clients. Our experience and techniques allow for very high success rates for completing these interviews.
  • Focus Groups – usually containing 6 to 10 participants, our focus groups explore product and services issues in-depth for our clients, and specifically allow for visuals, presentations, and interactivity between various personalities in the group.

Quantitative Research – Getting to “how much / large / often”

  • Surveys – conducted online, by telephone, or in person, our surveys are conducted with statistically significant samples in order to develop precise measures of satisfaction, frequency of use, pricing, and many other quantitative measures of importance.
  • Secondary Research – summarizing and decoding market insights from other published databases and other sources. We know where to look for the latest and most relevant published information on your industry, and we can provide market information and insight for you quickly and cost-effectively.

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Adventus Research + Consulting Inc. is a full-service market research/strategy and management consulting firm, insight-driven to get the authentic voice of your industry or marketplace. We employ a variety of techniques to uncover key insights and industry-specific knowledge to develop go-to-market strategies that will help your business grow and prosper. We leverage market knowledge, insights and processes to enable our clients to make optimal strategic decisions.