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Project Experience

Adventus Research + Consulting has a broad range of experience in market assessment and feasibility for emerging products, technologies and services in a diverse range of sectors in Canada, the US and beyond. Industry sectors into which Adventus has provided market research and insight include:

University & College Technology Transfer - NSERC Idea to Innovation Market Assessments

Ultrasonic image-guided positioning system for dental implantology; Profiling of the North American plastics recycling industry and assessing commercial potential of a new polymer blend technology; Novel incandescent-spectrum organic light emitting diodes (ISOLEDs); Method and apparatus for prediction of epileptic seizures; Nitric oxide bandage; High capacity scrubber medium to remove gaseous or dissolved sulfide; Method for simulating ultrasound systems using point sources/receivers; Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)-based pathogen diagnostic technology; Secure and reliable computing solutions for SMEs; Comprehensive antibiotic resistance database (CARD); Nanotechnology-based adsorptive filter; 3D microscope stabilization system for super-resolution optical microscopy; Innovative Cast-in-place pile foundations system; Market opportunities for novel organic photovoltaic technology; innovative applications for Carbon Nanospheres; Torrefaction & Densification System; Use of Gluconacetobacter to improve Beet Crop Production; Low power logic gates in Thin Film Technology; Micros-scale Aerosol-jet Graphene 3D nonplanar Printing System; Novel wireless IT technology; Advanced Fault Detection and Diagnosis System

Agriculture & Food

Alignment survey of Ontario grape & wine industry research priorities; Fertilizer innovations; Foliar-applied micro-nutrients; Food processing industry trends; Imported food opportunities; Omega-3 food opportunities; Organic olive oils; Spirits; Wine

Mining & Energy

Alternative fuels; Bio-oil markets; Bio-solvent opportunities; Copper sulfate markets and uses; Mining supply commercialization best practices and market trends; Oilfield pumping technologies


Bio-char / wood ash opportunities; DC power technologies; Fuel cell technology – emerging applications study;  Solar cell technologies;  Transmission equipment markets; Voltage regulation products; Wind power technologies; Worldwide commercialization strategy study for a new wastewater treatment system


Concrete block-making market;  Elevator systems and controls;  Fibre cement – emerging applications; Ladder & scaffolding market;  Lighting technology innovations; Marble and granite products;  Multipurpose construction tool; Road construction safety systems;  Wooden garage door market; Pour-in-place concrete form system for stormwater management


Carbon-fibre nanotube emerging applications;  Composites adoption in the aerospace industry; Cranes, industrial doors and docking equipment; Industrial equipment certification processes study; Mechanical face seals market;  Multilayer polymers foams; Nanotechnology – green platforms;  Nickel-based catalysts; Resistive welding for thermoplastic composites; Resistance welding transformers;  Rotary ditchers; Storage containment and engineered products; X-Ray diffraction powder analysis technology

Wholesale and Business Products

Ceramic flooring and tiles market; Commercial dry cleaning markets; Fasteners and ties market; Food freezing, drying and seasoning equipment; Heat exchangers; Intercoms and video intercoms; Outdoor surfaces markets;  Stone flooring and floor coverings review

Consumer & Retail Products

Air conditioners; Barbecue grills:  Bathroom accessories;  Electric lamps; Faucets, valves and fittings; Footwear; Furniture;  Gardening products; Gas ovens and stoves; Music – retail customer satisfaction study; Sporting goods products; Innovative baseball batting tee training concept; Novel mousepad product

Transportation and Warehousing

Heavy vehicle road/simulation market study; Robotic welding processes for the automotive industry; Helicopter and fixed-wing commercial flight operations management software

Information Technology

Age regression and progression software; Commodity trading and processing software; Customer satisfaction studies in the telecommunication industry; Emergency response simulation software; Feed manufacturing software; Fibre to the desk; Mine mapping and tracking software;  Mobile communications technology;  Multi-body dynamic software; Simulation software for prosthetics and orthotics

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

Emerging micro-array markets; Enhanced flow cytometers; High-performance optical spectroscopy markets; Microscopy markets; Oxygen enrichment technologies; Paramagnetic beads in biomedical applications; Portable chemical analyser; Reagent-free analyser

Waste Management and Remediation Services

Grey water diverter technologies; Industrial cleaning products; Plastics recycling markets; Tire recycling opportunities

Educational Services

Education enrollment and planning software; Emerging e-learning training applications; Water quality training program assessment

Health and Life Sciences

Anti-fungal markets; Cancer diagnostic test technology; Gene therapy opportunities; Molecular diagnostic tool technology; Non-invasive oral/dental diagnostics markets; Ureteroscopy surgical instruments market study 

Arts, Entertainment and Recreation

Yachts and yachting market trends

Accommodation and Food Services

Extensive customer and vendor review of an Ontario Farmer’s Market

Public Administration

Economic impact studies for cities and academic institutions; Parking administration and enforcement technology; Review of proposed marine centre of excellence

Finance and Insurance

Survey of customer attitudes towards pensions and retirement plans; Market intelligence study to evaluate small business banking credit offers

Adventus Research + Consulting clients include Canadian and international private companies, government agencies and innovative start-ups, often focussed on obtaining market validation for their North American market opportunity.

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