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The Adventus Advantage – Fall 2014 Issue

Articles in the Fall 2014 issue of The Adventus Advantage include:

Understanding Why They Buy – Differences in B2B and B2C Marketing and the Implications for Market Research Gary Svoboda describes how market research studies to evaluate the commercial potential for products sold to businesses can vary from consumer research.  Four key differences are explained. Read more.

 Some Do’s and Don’ts of Customer Acquisition Campaigns – Michael Van Belle offers his dentist some advice on how to attract new patients and provides three lessons for developing a new customer acquisition campaign.  Read more.

“Qual-Online The Essential Guide – What every researcher needs to know about conducting and moderating Interviews via the Web” – this book by Jennifer Dale and Susan Abbott is an Adventus Advantage Recommended Read as it describes the approach and tactics for online qualitative research.   Three main methodologies are explored: real-time text chat, extended discussion forums, and real-time web-enabled interviews. The book explores everything from learning about the types of tools available, to planning an online study.  Read more.

Building an Effective Value Proposition – Gary Svoboda provides his definition of an effective value proposition and shares some rules on how to build one for maximum impact. Read more.


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