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The Adventus Advantage – Fall 2015 Issue

Articles in the Fall 2015 issue of The Adventus Advantage include:

The State of Science & Innovation in Canada and what a new Liberal Government may mean Gary Svoboda outlines the current status of research & development in Canada and summarizes the promises of the new Liberal Government for a more strategic and activist innovation agenda. Read more.

What’s in a Name? Some thoughts on sub-brands and brand extensions – Michael Van Belle offers some useful definitions of common branding terms that are often used but rarely fully understood as well as some thoughts on B2B new product branding strategies.  Read more.

Partner Profile – M-TEAM$ – Adventus strengthens its ongoing relationship with M-TEAM$ whose founder, Bill MacArthur, describes how he has collaborated with Adventus founder Gary Svoboda in the past and talks about his business which he refers to as “the Small Business R&D Specialists”.  Read more.

Innovation Awards and Recognition Program Winners – Read about some of the rising stars in the innovation ecosystem as the winners for the Manning Innovation, Lions Lair, and other awards galas are revealed.  Read more.

Adventus Clients in the News – Adventus is proud to have a client roster that covers a wide range of industries and we like to share updates on their accomplishments.  Three past clients were recently acknowledged for their commercial success.  Read more.

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